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Who was Hitler’s grandfather?

Hello all, and greetings from sunny Bavaria. Yes, for a few days I have been in southern Germany enjoying a quiet family holiday with my little brother. Throughout our visit we have been based in Munich, the capital city of … Continue reading

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Milboroughs and Montilions

John, Ann, William, Mary, Thomas and Elizabeth. These are probably names which appear dozens, if not hundreds of times in your family history, particularly as you delve into the earlier decades of the 18th century. However, while researching you family … Continue reading

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La genealogía gallega

Si estás buscando información sobre tus antepasados gallegos, y no sabes cómo empezar tu investigación, esto te puede servir de ayuda. Si tienes alguna pregunta o necesitas ayuda, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con el autor del blog. Lo … Continue reading

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La epidemia de cólera de 1854: Noya

Todos recordaréis mi artículo (en inglés) sobre la epidemia de cólera que asoló España en 1854-1855. Como el resto del país, Galicia se vio afectada por la enfermedad que en cuestión de semanas acabaría con la vida de cientos de … Continue reading

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Remembering the centennary of the Lusitania sinking

For my come back to blogging I thought I would share a short article on one of my favourite historical episodes of all: the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, which took place on 7 May 1915. Exactly 100 years ago, … Continue reading

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Eric Cartwright (1896-1916)

Eric Percival St George Cartwright was born in Leicestershire in the summer of 1896, the youngest son of Arthur Cartwright, who worked as School Inspector in the Worcester District. Eric’s mother, Ellen Mabel, was the daughter of Colonel Thomas Heywood, … Continue reading

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Naughty Nancy (part 2)

Well, it seems I was wrong to judge her, and Naughty Nancy was not really as naughty as I thought. Well, at least partly. It is true that she married in January 1776, when she was a widow of almost … Continue reading

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