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Cancer & My Family’s Genetic Inheritance

I’m sure you have come across someone who has had cancer. You may even be a cancer survivor yourself. Or you may well be battling cancer as you read this lines. The sad truth is that cancer is one of … Continue reading

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Researching Clara Allen

Several years ago I learned, thanks to the English census, that my great-great-grandfather John Allen had a younger sister called Clara. For some inexplicable reason, I have always felt an interest in Clara’s story – perhaps because for many years … Continue reading

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Sisters of fortune, sisters of misfortune

Oh, that wonderful, childish excitement that we all get when we know we are onto something big! I mean of course that funny feeling we all know and love, when out of the blue we stumble across new pieces of … Continue reading

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Hit a brickwall? Look for answers… within the family!

Aside from spending hours sitting quietly in my local archive listening to my iPod as my brain races while I read through endless pages of baptism records, I do love looking at old newspapers in search of new clues. You … Continue reading

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In Memory of a Mother

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Spain. The event triggered my imagination: I couldn’t let the day go by without writing about one of the thousands of mothers who populate my family tree! But who should I write about? I suppose … Continue reading

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What can death certificates tell you?

In our cold, modern, somewhat unsentimental western culture, death has become a taboo subject. While we are totally powerless to avoid it, we still feel rather uneasy when we discuss this particular subject with friends and relatives, as if by … Continue reading

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Dora Carrington’s Family

Dora Carrington is perhaps best remembered for being associated with the bohemian, artistic Bloomsbury Group of the early 20th century. Although not a part of the Bloomsbury Group herself, Carrington knew some of group’s members intimately. The person who had … Continue reading

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