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My link to the Rodway family (sometime spelt Roadway)  is only very recent. For years I wrongly believed to be descended from another family; it was not until I revised my sources that I discovered the error of my ways, and how I had never checked the validity of what I believed was my ancestors’ marriage certificate.

My great-great-great-grandmother was born Ann Rodway in 1810 in Colwall, Herefordshire. Her paternal line, however, can be traced back several generations to the village of Bromsberrow, which is officially located in the county of Gloucestershire but is in fact only a few miles south of Colwall.

If you have a link to the family, or have any additions to make to the below, please contact me.

Family tree

William Rodway married Elizabeth Redin in Bromsberrow, Gloucestershire on 2 February 1704. Parish records reveal they had at least seven children through whom their descendance is perpetuated:

  1. William Rodway, baptised 20 December 1705 in Bromsberrow, a labourer by profession, died on 17 July 1720 in Bromsberrow.
  2. John Rodway, baptised 12 February 1707 in Bromsberrow, married Deborah Collerick (or Coldrick) on 17 October 1743 (or 1745) in Bromsberrow. They had seven children.
    1. John Rodway, baptised 16 October 1747 in Birtsmorton, Gloucestershire.
    2. Mary Rodway, baptised 14 December 1752 in Birtsmorton.
    3. William Rodway, baptised 19 April 1755 in Colwall, Herefordshire.
    4. Thomas Rodway, baptised 4 September 1757 in Colwall.
    5. George Rodway, baptised 10 February 1760 in Colwall.
    6. Ann Rodway, baptised August 1762 in Colwall.
    7. James Rodway, baptised 19 March 1765 in Colwall, buried 6 May 1843 in Colwall; on 31 December 1789, in Colwall, he married Elizabeth White, baptised 19 October 1766 in Colwall, buried on 17 February 1837 in Colwall. The family lived at The Wyche.
      1. Ann Rodway, baptised 2 May 1790 in Colwall, died young.
      2. James Rodway, baptised 27 March 1791 in Colwall, died 11 August 1840 in Colwall. He was a carpenter, and lived at The Wyche; on 9 June 1823 in Colwall he married Margaret Pullen. They had seven children:
        1. John Rodway, born in 1824 in Malvern, Worcestershire, buried on 13 August 1843 in Colwall.
        2. Thomas Rodway, born in 1827 in Malvern; on 27 September 1860 in Colwall he married Anna Lawrence. Three daughters were born of this marriage.
        3. Margaret Rodway, baptised on 7 January 1829 in Colwall; on 8 July 1858 in Colwall she married John Lowe.
        4. James Rodway, baptised 9 February 1832, worked as a plasterer. In 1878 he married Jane Matthews, of Bathford, Somerset. Three sons were born of this marriage.
        5. Henry Rodway, baptised 3 January 1835 in Colwall, died in 1903. He was a bricklayer and mason. On 26 December 1866 in Colwall he married Emma Loxley, of Kempsey, Worcetershire. Five children were born of this marriage, including:
          1. Emily Margaret Rodway, born on 23 September 1871 in Colwall, died 6 February 1972 in Colwall, married her second cousin Henry William Allen on 5 July 1899 in Colwall. They had one son.
        6. Elizabeth Rodway, baptised 12 May 1837 in Colwall, buried 13 January 1847 in Colwall.
        7. Hannah Rodway, baptised 2 September 1839 in Colwall.
      3. John Rodway, baptised 1 February 1793 in Colwall.
      4. William Rodway, baptised 21 February 1795 in Colwall, married Ann NN. They had six children:
        1. Thomas Rodway, baptised on 5 November 1826 in Great Malvern, married Mary A. NN. They had two daughters:
          1. Mary Ann Rodway, born around 1858 in Welland, Worcestershire, married Allen Birchley. They had six children.
          2. Rosina Rodway, born around 1861 in Welland.
        2. Elizabeth Rodway, born around 1827.
        3. Mary Rodway, born around 1830.
        4. Susanna Rodway, born around 1833.
        5. Ann Rodway, born around 1836.
        6. William Rodway, born around 1839.
      5. Elizabeth Rodway, baptised 3 December 1797 in Colwall.
      6. Charlotte Rodway, baptised 8 February 1801 in Colwall.
      7. Hannah Rodway, baptised 13 November 1803 in Colwall.
      8. Thomas Rodway, baptised 16 April 1807 in Colwall, buried 28 February 1823 in Colwall. He lived at The Wyche.
      9. Ann Rodway, baptised 18 April 1810 in Colwall, died 19 July 1867 in Colwall, married in Claines, Worcestershire on 25 November 1835 Edward Allen. They had four children. For their family history, see The Allen Project.
  3. Mary Rodway, baptised 22 October 1710 in Bromsberrow.
  4. Thomas Rodway, baptised 8 February 1712 in Bromsberrow.
  5. Anthony Rodway, baptised 30 October 1715 in Bromsberrow. He married and fathered at least one son:
    1. John Rodway, an infant, buried 10 December 1740 in Bromsberrow.
  6. Sarah Rodway, baptised 10 April 1718 in Bromsberrow, buried 8 February 1807 in Bromsberrow. She had an illegitimate daughter. She married in Bromsberrow on 13 October 1759 Henry Sandford, of Castlemorton, Worcestershire, and had one son:
    1. Mary Rodway, baptised 22 January 1748 in Bromsberrow; she married in Bromsberrow on 9 November 1780 Joseph Harbor. They had five children.
    2. Joseph Sandford, baptised 22 April 1762 in Bromsberrow; he married Jane Bannister, and had one son.
      1. William Sandford, baptised 17 December 1791 in Eastnor, Worcestershire, died in 1869 in Newent, Gloucestershire.
  7. George Rodway, baptised 16 October 1720 in Bromsberrow, buried 11 July 1796 in Bromsberrow. His burial record says: “Mr. George Rodway was brought from London and buried here. He was a native of this parish and had lately purchased a freehold estate here having acquired a fortune in the capital“.

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Bromsberrow church, where my most remote Rodway ancestor married in 1704.

Bromsberrow church, where my most remote Rodway ancestor married in 1704.