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Dear visitor,

Welcome! I’m Daniel, and this is The Genealogy Corner, my website dedicated to genealogical resources, first-hand experiences researching my family tree and unearthing other people’s fascinating family history.

I first became interested in genealogy when I was about ten, when I was shown a diagram of my family tree that a distant relative had drawn up. I instantly became fascinated by the fact that, unknowingly, I was an integral part of a huge puzzle that I call my family. My insatiable appetite for knowledge and unravelling mysteries has led me to where I am today: I help others to crack their genealogical brickwalls, write articles for my blog and family history magazines, and take an active role in social media platforms dedicated to genealogy.

isogg-logoOver the years, my research has taken me to many places across Europe and the United States. Of course, a great deal of this research would not have been possible without the tremendous help offered by the Internet, family history website and collaborative spaces, but nothing beats sitting in an archive uncovering old documents and manuscripts which have remained unopened for decades – if not centuries! Knowing which sources to use – and how to use them  – is key.

Everyone researches their family for different reasons. I personally believe genealogy should not only respond to the question “how far back can you go in time”, but of knowing who you are and who were those individuals who shaped the family you were born into and/or who brought you up. In my opinion, tracing your lineage back several centuries is relatively pointless if you don’t investigate the links in between and the lives that populate your family tree. It is discovering these wonderful little details which makes the experience worthwhile.

asociacion-de-genealogia-heraldica-y-nobiliaria-de-galiciaMy own research has unearthed truly remarkable stories, from scandals to family tragedies, from bigamous marriages to murders. I have so far successfully traced my ancestry back to the 15th century through several of my ancestral lines, and I have found ancestors who lived as far away as Great Britain, Italy, Spain and the United States. As of 2018 my family tree file features well over 17,000 individuals, from Canada to Australia, from Germany to Argentina. Thus, I have created this blog, to share with you my relatives’ past, so their stories will not be forgotten in the future.

If you want to learn more about the results of my research for others, you can read some of these testimonials from grateful customers by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you for dropping by, for commenting, for linking, for liking and for subscribing!


The author delivering a presentation in 2019.

Academic background

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English and French Translation and Interpreting, University of Salamanca (Spain), 2003-2008
  • Master’s Degree in Diplomacy and International Relations, Diplomatic School of Madrid, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain, 2009-2010
  • Masters’ Degree in Nobility Law, Genealogy and Heraldry by the National University of Distance Education (UNED, Spain), 2014

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The author speaking at a conference in Brussels in 2017.


15 Responses to About the author

  1. alexandra says:

    Hello Dawsr,
    I do not know how to start this letter. Maybe by saying I am one of your relatives, although a very distant one. My name is Alexandra, my mother’s name is Maria Victoria Agra Cadarso, daughter of Blas Agra Cadarso and Gloria Cadarso Camano. I am trying to gather the Agra Cadarso family history from my side and I was doing research on Admiral Cadarso. And I stumbled on your blog. I have to go and see my family in Noya to get all the information. My aunt Chola, born Blanca Agra Cadarso, was the one who had all the information when she died 6 years ago it sent me into a terrible depression and I just shut myself off the family as it was too painful. I am starting to go back to Spain to visit my remaining aunt and uncle and I know that time is of the essence so I am planning a trip.
    Anyway, I am writing this in case you want to know something or you want some pictures. The painting of the Admiral used to hang above my grandmother’s main staircase in La Chainza Noya. Now that we have this wonderful technology I can send you scanned photos and stuff. Let me know because I might not be from the same branch of the family as you and it might be useless to you.
    Hope we can exchange things. Looking forward to your reply.

  2. BERT FORTIN says:


  3. Ofelia says:

    Do you have access to the archives in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia?

    • Dawsr says:

      Hi Ofelia, yes I do have access to the Diocesan and the University archives, but as I don’t live in Spain my access is limited at the moment. If you have a specific query you can drop me an e-mail and I will try to assist. If you are able to communicate in Spanish you can always try and contact them directly by e-mail (they are a bit slow, but usually always respond)? Regards.

  4. Nadia says:

    Hi Dawsr,
    My name is Nadia and I have just started doing some research into my family history. I just want to say thank-you on behalf of my mother and uncle for the information you have provided us with on John Tippins son of Luke Ricketts Tippins. As we believe that Luke Ricketts Tippins may be my 4X great uncle. If he is indeed the brother of my 4X great grand father Mark Henry Tippins who was born in Hambleton, Herefordshire, England on April 4th 1855 to William Tippins and Mary Anne Tippins (Ricketts). Mark Henry arrived in Australia on January 13th 1886 (which is actually exactly 36 years to the day before his grand-daughter Phoebe Joyce was born :-D).
    Like I said I am new to this family history stuff very, very new just dipping my toes in at the moment and I’m having a blast with all the interesting information i have been able to locate. So anyway to my point i was hoping that you may be able to confirm for me the relationship between Luke Ricketts Tippins and Mark Henry Tippins. I just seem to be going round and round in circles and don’t feel 100% confident that i’ve got it right.
    Thank-you for any and all assistance you may be able to give me.
    Your possible distant relative Nadia 😀

    • Dawsr says:

      Hi Nadia (and apologies for the late reply!). We are indeed related as both Mark Henry and Luke (who were indeed brothers) were my great-great-grandmother’s second cousins. If you are interested in exchanging more information about the family please drop me an e-mail (see “Contact” section). I have been in contact before with the grandson of Mark Henry Tippins – a third brother of the above- who lives in Australia. Time for a family reunion? Regards.

  5. HI Daniel
    I am intrigued by your article about Milboroughs and Montilions. It seems we share the same relatives on the Montilion side of the family. I would love to explore this further with you ( we must be relatives!). Could we find a way to get in touch please – by email at first?

  6. Amor Villar says:

    Hi David, Do you know a genealogist we could contact in Valencia or Barcelona for help in tracing my husband’s family? His name is Amor Villar, as was his father’s name. His father’s mother’s name was Delores Maldonado. His father, who was born in Adra, was the youngest of 10 and, after fighting for the Republic in the Spanish Civil War left Spain in 1939. We’re hoping to find some relatives. Thank you. Nora Hoover Villar

    • Dawsr says:

      Hi Nora, thanks for dropping by! Have you tried asking for the birth certificates? You’ll need a name and a date of birth, at least a fairly close idea of a date. If you want to find relatives you may try the Yahoo groups dedicated to Valencian genealogy. If you want to hire the services of a professional genealogist I can give you a name, although I have never used his services (professional genealogy in Spain is unfortunately in its earliest stages). Best wishes, Daniel

  7. Christina Caruncho says:

    Hi Daniel,
    Thank you for all of your interesting hints to follow and find out about my grandfather. So far I have come up pretty empty. I know (at least I was told by my father) that my grandfather, Manuel Caruncho was from the town or province of Ferrol. My father (deceased) said his father Manuel was a merchant marine who later jumped ship (?) and came to America. I found records on Ancestry that tell me the following below. I would like to know about his birth, family (mother & father) and death in the United States. I know he contracted Tuberculosis and died when my father was 7 years old. He may have passed sometime around 1945 in the USA.
    Name:Manuel Caruncho
    Nationality: Spanish
    Marital Status: Single
    Occupation: Mucker- M Helper
    Birth Date: 30 Aug 1898
    Record Date: 21 Mar 1924
    Residence Place: Tamaqua, Pennsylvania

    • Dawsr says:

      Hi Christina – thanks for dropping by!
      Your grandfather’s story sounds very intriguing. I hope you can find more about him. Wouldn’t his marriage certificate in the US mention his parents’ names? Have you tried looking? Or did he marry in Spain?
      Ferrol is a city, not a province, and it has been one of the most important ports in the country – so with that reference and the fact that he seems to have been a sailor of some sort, it definitely seems that Ferrol is a good starting point. You could ask for his birth certificate (free of charge) online to the Civil Registry, which began in Spain in 1871. The certificate would tell you who his parents and grandparents were, as well as where they came from. If you can’t figure it out I could always order it for you.
      Caruncho is an unusual surname and all the Carunchos I know of are all related. I’m sure you’ll find out more about him!
      Best wishes

  8. Deanna Ouimette says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I’m trying to research a couple (Jose Charlon-Rivas and Josefa Gomez-Merin) that is listed on their descendants’ records as being from Betanzos, but moved to and had some of their children born in Ibarranguelua and Bilbao in Vizcaya. I have access (via FamilySearch) to some of the records in Betanzos (mostly before 1870), but my couple was likely married about 1878. Do you know of a good genealogist in or near Betanzos that can aid me in filling in a few details on this family?

  9. Pingback: Tips on Spain’s Civil Registration System, from Daniel at the Genealogy Corner

  10. Jennifer Chippendale says:

    Hi Daniel,
    It’s Jenny,
    You may remember my Great Grandfather was Henry Rodway, Colwall & I’m related to the Allens through Henry Allen & my Great Aunt Emily Rodway.
    My Husband Jack & I have met up with Nick Allen also.
    I have linked William Rodway (Bromsberrow) to Hawksbury Gloucestershire, but can’t exactly locate his Father. Also, not able to uncover parents for Elizabeth Redin his wife.
    Wondering if you know more please?
    Have looked through the Bromsberrow Church records which are free, a bonus for a Pensioner like myself but haven’t found family further back
    I hope you are continuing to uncover exciting new family facts.
    All good wishes,
    Jenny Chippendale.

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